How to Stop Cold Calling in the UK

Cold calls can be seriously aggravating. You can be forever jumping up to answer the phone, thinking it might be Old Aunt Mavis calling, only to be greeted with a scripted call.

In my opinion, the worst ones are about having been in a car crash when you were 10 and how you could claim compensation through a no win no fee lawyer.

Stop Cold Calling in the UKAnother classic is when you answer the phone to pure silence, so it wasn’t even remotely worth getting off the sofa. Or, when the same number keeps calling me over and over again, even when I don’t answer.

They drive us all insane, and once you have started getting them they seem to increase in number! So here are a few tips on how to stop nuisance phone calls.

Register with Telephone Preference Service

One way to stop spam calls to mobile or landline is to register with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). You can register your landline numbers and mobile numbers by visiting the website and filling in the form.

You can also register by giving them a call on 0345 070 0707. You can also register for the TPS by texting ‘TPS’ to 85095 and providing your email address in the message.

Telephone Preference ServiceOnce your number if in this register, it is then illegal for companies to call you. This service stops you from getting marketing calls, and it will take about a month for the calls to stop.

But, this won’t make a difference if you have registered to receive the calls. And it won’t stop automated messages or firms that aren’t reputable from calling you.

Read the T&C’s

When you are registering for an account on a website, make sure you read the T’s & C’s. Making sure you opt out of any third party contact is the best way of stopping nuisance phone calls. Read what you are signing up for and make sure you don’t tick the box that makes your number available to contact. Prevention is better than cure, and that is certainly true in this case.

Block the number

If you are always getting calls from the same number, make sure you block nuisance calls on your mobile phone. This will work for some companies, and once they realise you have blocked them, they will stop calling.
But lots of these operations have multiple numbers they can ring you from, so they may try again with another number. Keep ignoring them and blocking the number, and hopefully, they will get the picture and give up.

Look up the number

If you are receiving calls from a number and you don’t want to answer, you can look up the number online.
If you search “who is calling me UK,” there are some sites you can visit that will tell you who the call is from. If you type in the phone number and search, you will be given the name of the company calling you.

You can also see comments other users have left about calls from this number. This information can be handy if you are going to make a complaint to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).


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