How to Claim Compensation After a Car Accident

If you have been in a car accident which resulted in injury, you could be entitled to compensation. Whether you were driving the car or you were a passenger in the car, it does not matter.

If it was the other party’s fault, you might be able to claim for loss of income, medical expenses and other costs related to the accident.

car accident which resulted in injuryThe amount of compensation you are entitled to depend on the situation. It will be dependent on your injuries and the circumstances, but it is worth looking into it.

There are lots of procedures and processes that need to be followed after you have been involved in a car accident. Car accident compensation lawyers will be able to guide you through the process. There are also lots of small things you can do to help your claim along. There is lots of information you can provide to speed up the process.

What do I do after I have been in a car accident?

car accident call the policeCall the police

Even if you have not received any serious injuries and the damage to the car is not major, it is still sensible to call the police. Doing so will create an official record of the accident, and this will help you build a strong case for your compensation.

You can get a copy of the police report and use the information in it to help you when you are filing your claim. If someone else who was involved in the accident did not stop and drove away, you must call the police immediately.

Document everything

Take notes about the accident as soon as possible – it ‘s incredible how quickly you can forget details. If you do not have a pen and paper with you, add them to a note on your phone.

Make sure you get the details of the person who was at fault and exchange your information with them. If possible, get their insurance information right away. If they do not have this information, make sure you have a way of contacting them afterward.

If you have to make any purchases as a result of the accident, make sure you keep hold of them. You could be entitledcar accident take pictures to compensation for these. Things like taxi costs, childcare costs or cancellations you had to make as a result of the accident should be kept.

Take photos of your vehicle, any other vehicles involved and the scene of the accident. This can help when it comes to showing the damaged caused.

Taking pictures of the site can also assist you with remembering the location of the crash. If any injuries are immediately apparent at the time, you can photograph those as well.

If you end up having to pay for any medical treatment, like pay for a prescription, make sure you hold on to the receipt for that too.

If you have lost work hour and income, get a letter from your employer stating this.

If you feel unwell at any point after the accident, make sure you document this. Take note of how you are feeling emotionally, too. If you are finding something particularly hard to cope with or stressful, make sure you record it. For things like this, it could be helpful to keep a diary with a few notes for each day.

How much will I be compensated? car accident report

The amount of compensation you could receive is hugely varied. It depends on how serious the accident was and how much damaged was caused as a result. As a general rule, the more damage caused, the more compensation you will be entitled to.

The best way to get an accurate idea of compensation is to speak with a motor vehicle accident solicitors. Minor whiplash compensation can amount to around £1,000. Whereas whiplash or back injury car accident compensation can pay out a might higher compensation. Severe neck injuries can pay out in the tens of thousands.

How to claim compensation for a car accident

Notify your insurer of the accident as soon as you can. You will provide details of the crash and this is where your notes will come in handy.

Be mindful that injuries might not always be obvious at the point of the accident. You should get checked out after the crash to make sure everything is okay.

Get in contact with a solicitor right away, a specialist in insurance compensation for car accidents will be best. Their specialist knowledge in road traffic accident claims will be worth its weight in gold when it comes to this process.


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